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The Theory:

Why are they important?

When you want to increase your followers, one of the methods used is to follow other people. You hope some of them will follow you back. That sounds pretty simple. Let's sit down and start following people all day long. In a month, you can probably follow 100,000 people and even if 5% follow you back, you will get 5,000 followers. Software packages abound that for a small fee, follow people for you. You don't have to do it manually any more. Sounds simple right? Wrong.

Twitter does not allow you to follow that aggressively and is quick to suspend accounts for such an infringement. We have seen accounts suspended for following just 200 people if done within a couple of hours. That's why auto follower service TweetSpinner has a default follow of 30 at a time. Let's say you slow it down and follow only 300 to 350 people a day. That's approximately 10,000 people you follow in a month. Would that work. Nope!

Once you cross 2000 following, Twitter wants you to keep the ratio of following / followers to within 8 to 10%. Nobody outside of Twitter seems to know the exact ratio. Let's say you are following 2000 people and the number of your own followers is 1000. You want to follow more but you can only follow an additional 200 or so and then wait till some of them follow you back. So if 5% of the 200 follow you back, your followers go up by 10 to 1010. Now you can follow another one or two people and then wait till somehow more people follow you back.

Most people hit that roadblock and wonder what to do next. One way to handle that is delete those that are not following you back. As laid out in the book Long John Twitter, instead of doing it painstakingly by hand, you can use some services that will do it for you. Two services that used to do that were:


  2. Twitter Karma

It was an effective method but Twitter forced them to shut down their bulk unfollow service. The way it used to work was that you added a bunch of people and then waited a couple of days before deleting those that were not following you. This freed up precious slots that you could fill up by following more people. It was effective but you cannot do that any longer.

So one thing is given, you cannot unfollow in bulk. That means once you reach 2000 following, you will hit a wall.

How then to build a strong following? Is there a way? Human beings have a very curious and inquisitive mind and they are always looking for better solutions.

What if a higher percentage of people follow you back instead of the normal 3 to 5%. The above restrictions will still hamper you but less so. How will that impact your followers size? Before we examine that, let's look at two concepts:

Let's say you use a service like TweetSpinner or SocialOomph that allows you to follow people based on keywords. You make a list of keywords and mimics, enter them in the system and it starts following people whose tweets include those keywords. You delete those that do not follow you very diligently, manually or using their automated system. Let's say the system follows about 300 people a day. In a month, you would have followed and deleted and followed and deleted 10,000 people. If on the average, 5% follow you back, your followers will grow by 500 a month. That's not bad. That will net you about 6,000 followers a year whom you can interact with and tell them about yourself, your business or whatever your cause / politics are.

But what if 20% of the people follow you back? Well that would raise your followers to 24,000 / year. Hmm Now you are thinking.

We have researched thousands of keywords and mimics and come up with a handful that result in an average of 30% or higher follow back. Based on the above math, 40% follow back would yield about 48,000 and 50% would yield you 60,000 / year. In three months, that would yield you 9,000 to 15,000 followers. That is pretty strong. And next year there will be more. Just imagine the possibilities.

How much are 60,000 followers worth to you? That's how many people you can network with to promote your products / services to or get your message out to if you are into politics or social causes.

What if you want to let others advertise on your Twitter Account? Let's look at Izea's Sponsored Tweets (a social media marketing company) of how much value they assign to Twitter Accounts. We picked four accounts from different categories to give you a flavor.

Account - category


Value / Sponsored Tweet

Small Business












As you can see, irrespective of category, they estimate a value of 11.25 cents / follower. You can of course set a higher or lower rate. This is just their suggested value per tweet. What does that mean? That means that if an advertiser wants to advertise by sending a tweet through your account, you may charge 11.25 cents / follower / tweet.

There are services charging thousands of dollars just to advertise your Twitter Avatar to people. Whether people follow you or not is not their problem. For example, TwitterCounter charges $9,500 for 5 million views. If a small percentage of people decide to follow you back, it adds up. If a large number of followers is good for your business or your image, then it is well worth the price. What we have in this report helps you increase your followers by leaps and bounds and no we don't charge you $9,500.

We offer:

Sticky Keywords & Mimics:
We provide you a list of 50 keywords & mimics that our research has proved yields follow backs of above 30%. You can use a service that can follow automatically or do it manually if budget is tight. Our report mentions a couple of services that will do it for you. You enter the keywords & mimics, define the follow and unfollow parameters and then sit back and watch it get to work. Tweak it a little every few weeks and in a few months, you will have tens of thousands of followers.

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