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How to profit from the Twitter Phenomenon.

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The New York Times calls Twitter "one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet." TIME Magazine says, "Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app," and Newsweek noted that "Suddenly, it seems as though all the world's a-twitter."
Learn how to Explode your Twitter followings and then retain them to get a leg up on competition.

best book on twitter for business, long john twitter

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Twitter dominance has two major components:

  1. Generating a massive following
  2. Retaining them.

The second part is more difficult than you may realize. Most books, videos and applications on the market address only one part of this equation, that is how to create a massive following. But if you don't learn how to retain them, you will have a bucket with big holes. That's where the e-Book Long John Twitter excels. It will help you generate a massive following. It will also show you how to make your followers your raving fans. They in turn will introduce you to their friends and you will end up with an army of raving fans propelling your business forward.

The same tool means different things to different entities. Long John Twitter addresses Twitter from several point of views namely:

  1. The corporate world
  2. The political world
  3. The small business / home business / self employed world

The self employed / small business person has a very limited budget. He does not have the luxury of deploying a whole slew of strategies and make social marketing one of them. He simply doesn't have that kind of resources. To him Twitter has to deliver on it's own. If he has to use Twitter, it has to deliver him leads, it has to be inexpensive and it also has to serve as his customer service and support tool. And it does.

Corporate marketing and service personnel will use Twitter entirely differently. They even start differently. The first step for a corporate social media specialist is to figure out where his company stands in Twitterverse. Then he charts out a strategy from where things stand to where they need to be. He also needs tools to measure the effectiveness of his applications.

Long John Twitter has a whole chapter on Analytics. It helps evaluate the present, monitor progress and adjust as things proceed forward.

For politics and activism, nothing could be better than Twitter. Using the Analytics described in Long John Twitter, evaluate where you stand versus your rivals. Then create a micro news agency (detailed step by step in the eBook) and keep your supporters involved and engaged. In between blend in your own messages and contents.

Long John Twitter helps you become a part of people's daily lives. You become a familiar face. It is easier to do business with someone you know or vote for someone you know. Ignore Twitter at your own Peril.

It's here, it's exploding, it's evolving. Embrace it before your competitors.

Unconditional Money Back guarantee: If for whatever reason, you think this eBook was not good value, return it within 60 days for a full no questions asked refund. Long john twitter - get more followers - service - sticky keywords - follower getter - how to increase your followers

Companies like Dell and Whoot are earning Millions of Dollars on Twitter, leveraging tens of thousands of customers ready to buy at a moments notice. The famed Guy Kawasaki has called Twitter.com "a weapon." What do these marketing elites know that you don't? Find out.

How will this eBook help you? Long John Twitter will help you:

Long john twitter - get more followers - service - sticky keywords - follower getter - how to increase your followers

Your Step by step detailed treasure map that takes you from the very basics of Twitter to the very advanced. Whether you are a business or a politician, a non-profit or an activist, this book will help you achieve your objectives: You will learn:

  • Advanced Apps: Analytics and metrics to see how you are doing now.

  • Devise a monitoring system to chart your progress.

  • How to Adjust and fine tune your strategies.

  • How to exponentially increase your Twitter followers. The more followers you have, the more influence you have.

  • How to build a massive communications hub that gathers information, feeds it to your followers and strengthens your relationship with them. That in turn creates more followers as your existing followers keep re-tweeting you to others and soon it starts snowballing.

  • If you are serious about establishing a strong presense in the realm of social media, boosting your profits and enhancing your sphere of influence and prestige, this book is for you.

Long john twitter - get more followers - service - sticky keywords - follower getter - how to increase your followers

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best book on twitter for business long john twitter

Twitter for Business

Learn to use Twitter for:

Some of the smart things you'll learn:

If you don't use this eBook, you will need a staff of three to four people to do all of the above. With the help of Long John Twitter, you can do it all spending just a few hours to get set up and then let it run.

Plus it doesn't end here. Through our  webinars, blog, Twitter and emails, we will keep you abreast of new  ideas, new tools and new applications.

Now isn't that a great deal!

Long John Twitter - the best book on Twitter for business, non-profits, activism and politics.